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Denglong Optoelectrics Concluded the Deal With IBSF

Denglong Optoelectrics Concluded the Deal With IBSF

DengLong Optoelectrics Concluded the Deal with IBSF

As per the exhibitor testimonials, the three-day GBE2017(short for the 11th China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition) slated on March 8-10, allowed the exhibitors to reach out to a great number of premium buyers. Thousands of visitors converged on GBE while a great variety of billiards products were showcased. In view of the recorded number of transaction volume, GBE is hailed as the top billiards show in China even in Asia regions.

DengLong Optoelectrics located in Guangdong province is one of the exhibitors that has notched up great achievements at GBE2017. In addition to the satisfactory sales lead on the first two days, DengLong Optoelectrics welcomed a who’s who of billiards industry on the last day! Representatives of IBSF(International Billiards & Snooker Federation) were present at GBE and on the lookout for billiards supplier. By virtue of soft but shadeless features, and high-caliber quality, the billiards or pool table lights of DengLong Optoelectrics gained the favor of IBSF. As soon as the contract with IBSF was concluded, it became the official supplier of all billiards competitions held by IBSF. More importantly, it is also highly recommended to 102 members of IBSF.

GBE has always vowed its maximum efforts to serve either the exhibitors or visitors! Based on the outstanding exhibition feedback in previous years, GBE in 2018 will energize all exhibitors and visitors with new highlights! Save the date and do not miss GBE2018. Tons of business opportunities are still waiting for your exploration!



Denglong Optoelectrics Concluded the Deal With IBSF

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Denglong Optoelectrics Concluded the Deal With IBSF

  • Title: Denglong Optoelectrics Concluded the Deal With IBSF
  • Author: (Amy Lai)
  • Published: 9/18/2017 4:37:27 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/18/2017 5:21:21 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)