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Coin Operated Billiard Tables As A Business

Coin Operated Billiard Tables As A Business

Coin Operated Billiard Tables As A Business

The game of billiards has caught the interest of many people around the world. It's great for leisure, entertainment and even business purposes. Using billiards for business typically involves business owners charging by time rental or per game. One way to make money from billiard tables is to use coin operated billiard tables

Coin operated billiard tables are billiard tables which release the billiard balls once a certain amount of money in coins is inserted into the coin slot. The coin slots on the table may function mechanically or electronically.

The mechanical coin operated billiard tables are made of metal. The coins are inserted into slots provided on the sliding mechanical rack. Once all the coins are entered into the slots, the mechanical sliding rack is pushed into the billiard table. When the mechanical rack releases the coins, it triggers a mechanism which releases the balls into the billiard table's ball compartment.

Electronic coin operated billiard tables may provide a slot wherein coins are simply inserted one-by-one. Once the required amount is inserted and detected by the computerized operation system, the balls are released. Some of these electronically configured billiard tables may even accept paper money.

Coin operated billiard tables typically charge per game. The advantages of using coin operated billiard tables are that they require no monitoring and no manpower. They are also economical. The disadvantages of using them include that some tables may malfunction or get damaged (repairs may be costly), and if placed in an unsecured area, theft is a possibility.

The disadvantages may be more evident if the billiard table is poorly made, while they may not even be apparent if the coin operated billiard table is made properly. It all depends on the quality.

For those who are interested in starting a business from coin operated billiard tables, the numerous options available can be discovered on the Internet

  • Title: Coin Operated Billiard Tables As A Business
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 12/1/2008 10:16:00 PM

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