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The Snap Magazine

The Snap Magazine

Having been a fan of the late _ Snap Magazine _ and owner of a complete set of all 13 issues, I was pleased to find through a recent Google search (which I conduct periodically), an (apparently) new website billed as a "Memorial Tribute to the Snap Magazine." For anyone interested in billiard history, collecting or memorabilia, this site is worth checking out. It contains articles on the magazine's history and other aspects of its development and lifespan, but most interesting of all (to me, at least) are the pages dedicated to each individual issue, which have stories about how each issue was conceived and put together, plus scanned graphics of the covers (with enlargements if you click on the cover), the tables of contents, the mastheads (showing lists of editors and contributors), and of a selection of articles from each issue. The website was designed and authored by someone named R. LeBeaux, who claims to have interviewed many of the magazines remaining editors and founders, and who also owns a complete set of magazines.

Anyway, other than some Google ads on either side the site doesn't seem to have any mercenary commercial purpose, since there is nothing for sale there that I could find. If anyone is interested, the website can be found at:


The Snap Magazine

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The Snap Magazine

  • Title: The Snap Magazine
  • Author: (Dave Phillips)
  • Published: 7/15/2010 7:31:30 AM