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Billiard Industry Market Survey

Billiard Industry Market Survey

We are working on a business plan for a school assignment. Can you please help us out and spend a few minutes filling out this billiards survey.All responses are anonymous.


Here is a summary of the questions:

Do you play billiards or pool? (Yes/No)

Place of Residence: Do you live in the US? (Yes/No)

US Market: What is your Zip Code?


  1. What is you gender? (Male/Female)
  2. How old are you? (Under 20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 60+)
  3. What is your gross household income? ($0 - $25,000, $25,001 - $50,000, $50,001 - $75,000, $75,001 - $100,000, $100,001 - $125,000, $125,001 - $150,000, $150,001 +)

Billiards/Pool Behavior

  1. Do you play billiards/pool in a league or tournament? (Yes/No)
  2. How frequently do you play billiards/pool? (Every now and then, Once a week, Once a month, Twice or more a week)
  3. How much do you spend each year on billiards/pool equipment and accessories? ($0 - $250, $251 - $500, $501 - $750, $751 - $1,000, $1,001 - $1,250, $1,251 - $1,500, $1,501 - $1,700, $1,701+)
  4. Where do you buy your billiards/pool equipment and accessories? (Choose 1 or more: Retail Stores, Online, Magazines, TV Commercials, Other (If you answered 'Other', please explain.))

Skill Focus

  1. What do you most want to improve about your game? Please check all that apply. (Your stroke, Aim, Consistency, Positioning (Q-ball leave), Speed Control, Other)
  2. Do you feel that your overall skill would improve from a better stroke? (Yes/No)

Improving Your Stroke

  1. Would you consider buying a wearable training tool, that would limit the motion of your arm, such that you could achieve a consistent stroke motion and build muscle memory to perfect your pool stroke? (Yes/No/Don't Know - If you answered 'No' or 'Don't know', please explain.)
  2. How much would you be willing to spend if there was a training tool that could effectively improve your stroke? ($0 - $50, $51 - $100, $101 - $150, $151 - $200, $201 - $300, $301 - $400, $400+)

Billiard Industry Market Survey

Replies & Comments

  1. nwpoolproquickshot on 2/13/2009 6:58:28 AM

    I checked out your survey and it does not sound like a school assignment to me. It reminds me of a marketing ploy.

    And it is also in the wrong area. It does not belong in the 8 ball forum. You obviously did not do your homework regarding the right forum for your post.

  2. nwpoolprobilliardsforum on 2/13/2009 7:13:37 AM

    @newpoolpro - I'll give you until the end of the day to send me the documentation about your "assignment" - if it's legitimate, I'll leave your post alone!

    Also, if you want the link kept here, I want a copy of the results.

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Billiard Industry Market Survey

  • Title: Billiard Industry Market Survey
  • Author:
  • Published: 2/12/2009 10:35:37 PM