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Advice for Starting a New Pool Hall

Advice for Starting a New Pool Hall

I am currently opening up a new pool hall. It's not as easy as I thought it would be (half joking half serious).

I am looking for advice on what type of pool tables to buy. For example, what brand of pool tables should I put in the new pool hall? What materials should I request?

I would appreciate any other advice you have on starting a new pool hall.

Advice for Starting a New Pool Hall

Replies & Comments

  1. gpetrosyanMitch Alsup on 5/14/2009 12:39:29 PM

    This is a good read on the issues involved.


  2. gpetrosyangpetrosyan on 5/14/2009 2:37:59 PM

    That was kind of discouraging. Many of them said only a miracle would help a pool hall become profitable.

  3. gpetrosyanquickshot on 5/15/2009 10:20:27 AM

    If you are opening a new business and you looking for info here on a forum that tells me one thing. You have not done your homework. You are investing money and looking for advice on a public forum. I think you should rethink your approach. If you don't you are going to lose your money.

    I'm not being sarcastic here, but you should already have all the info you need before investing your money.

    Good luck.

  4. gpetrosyangpetrosyan on 5/15/2009 10:47:57 AM

    Extra information never hurt anyone, but thanks for your concern.

  5. gpetrosyanbilliardsforum on 5/17/2009 10:47:01 AM

    I disagree with that miracle thing. The problem is that most people who start a billiard hall do it because they love billiards (which is a good thing). The problem is that many (not all) lack the knowledge or financial skills required to run a successful pool hall business.

    To make a pool hall successful, you must have a good understanding of the business climate, and of general business management theory. (Which includes a very wide range of topics)

    If you have not yet created a DETAILED financial business plan, and done all of the proper business modeling, you should stop everything else, and do that. You may need to hire a consultant, such as a certified management accountant, or a qualified small business consultant. It will be the best money you will spend.

    Also, you will want to have a good knowledge of the content of the reports in this thread for someone else asking about billiard industry statistics. I also noted in that thread that solid business skills are essential to starting a new billiard business.

    @quickshot - You are correct that there is much other research to be done besides the question asked. However, I think that to supplement any business and financial research, one must be an active member in the major online communities to ensure they are well-informed about the current goings-on in the sport of billiards and in the cue sports industry as a whole.

  6. gpetrosyanWilliam Erby on 7/5/2009 12:14:56 PM

    This is William from freedom billiards and I know where there is some beautiful used tables which could save you a lot of money,

    I can also set you up with new but I don't recommend that in this economy.

  7. gpetrosyanPopeye31 on 3/25/2015 4:20:50 PM

    I really think what the poster was getting at is:

    What do the pool players like to see at a pool hall? Would the extra money spent on good pool tables and pool hall equipment really bring in more customers or players?

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Advice for Starting a New Pool Hall

  • Title: Advice for Starting a New Pool Hall
  • Author: (Grant Petrosyan)
  • Published: 5/14/2009 11:20:07 AM