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Greatest Pool Shot I've Ever Seen

Golden West Billiard's Terry Moldenhauer recalls the day when Nick Varner made the greatest shot he had ever witnessed.

Greatest Pool Shot I've Ever Seen

Greatest Pool Shot I've Ever Seen

This is a true story and happened in the early 90's.

I had gone to Germany, to a billiard trade show, and was representing Beach Billiards selling pool tables, game tables, and bumper pool tables.

After the second day at the trade show we had sold pool tables and game tables but no bumper pool tables. No one had seen bumper pool tables before and they were not familiar with the game. Nick Varner and Mike Sigel were at the billiard show selling cues. Both of these world champion pool players were friends of mine and I went over to them and asked he they would play a game of bumper pool for me so that we could get some interest in the game. They said sure so we set up and exhibition game in the afternoon.

In the afternoon we pulled a bumper pool table into the aisle and Mike and Nick started hitting the balls around the table. Within minutes we had over 200 spectators watching them. I introduced Mike and Nick to the crowd and explained the rules to the crowd. For those of you that don't know the rules the idea is to sink your five balls into the opposite side of the table. The first one who accomplishes this wins.

By the time the game started half of the auditorium was watching world champions Mike and Nick play bumper pool. The game is an offensive and defensive game combined. The play went back and forth with each player making a ball and then playing defense. The crowd was alive and were cheering every time one of them made a ball. At the end of the game each player had one ball left on the table and it was Nicks turn.

There are 8 bumper posts in the middle of the table and most players try and make bank shots to get their balls into the hole. Nick studied the shot for several minutes as the crowd waited with anticipation. Nick stepped to the table and raised his cue. With a downward motion he jumped the ball over the posts and the ball sailed into the hole. The crowd went wild cheering and clapping for several minutes. Mike couldn't believe it. I too went wild. That particular shot is one in a million. Needles to say bumper pool had arrived in Europe.

That night we went to dinner and talked about the miracle shot. Mike still didn't believe he saw it and Nick said it was a money shot. I too was still in a state of shock. All I could say was unbelievable. Fantastic!

To this day, after being around the game of pool for over 40 years, and watching many tournaments, I have never ever seen a better shot than Nick preformed on a bumper pool table that day. Ask Nick what his best shot was. He will tell you it happened on a bumper pool table in Germany.

Terry Moldenhauer
Golden West Billiards
5505 SE Johnson Creek Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97206
(503) 788-1278

Terry is a visitor and member of the billiards forum.

  • Title: Greatest Pool Shot I've Ever Seen
  • Author: (Terry Moldenhauer)
  • Published: 9/19/2008 8:26:00 PM
  • Last Updated: 10/9/2020 1:47:57 AM
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