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What to Look For in Pool Cue Parts

What to Look For in Pool Cue Parts

Here are some of the details you'll want to ask about when shopping for a new pool cue.

Pool Cue Bumpers

  • Dufco Bumper: The Dufco bumper has a unique style created by Dufferin Cue. It is very durable and allows for easy replacement because it is attached via a small screw. This bumper also provides unmatched protection to the cue butt.
  • Mushroom Chamfered Bumper: Any cue with a chamfered bumper also has a chamfered butt, meaning the last few inches of one side of the butt (as well as the bumper) is flat instead of round. This is a classic tradition prior to the advent of rest handles, where the cue was used instead of a rest handle. The flat part of the cue allowed a player to lay the whole cue on the table and slide the cue to hit a ball that could not be reached.
  • Mushroom Bumper: The mushroom bumper is a classic style and is of a very durable nature. It protects the cue on the butt end and is also replaceable.

Pool Cue Ferrules

  • Brass Ferrule: A smaller diameter tip (10mm) requires a stronger ferrule to withstand the rigours of rough play. Brass is much stronger than our Vulcanized fibre ferrules. Brass ferrules also better withstand moist climates (Britain, Far East, etc.)
  • Fibre Ferrules: "Vulcanized" ferrules are fired under high temperatures to provide a durable, hard, crack-resistant product, excellent for use as cue ferrules. Fibre ferrules hold glue very well.

Pool Cue Finishes

  • Antique Ash: The Antique finish is a matte look finish imparting a more traditional, early billiards experience look. The Antique finish is hand applied and hand rubbed with oil to create the unique finish. Does not require UV finish.
  • Ultra Violet Finish (UV): Years of pioneer work went into the development of this specialized state of the art finishing process. The solution used has a high percentage of solids therefore reducing the excessive use of thinners. The imported photo initiators in the solution permit virtually instant curing and an ultra high gloss finish. The UV finish is more chip, moisture and soil-resistant than a conventional lacquer finish.

These are just a few details on what to look for when selecting or assessing a pool cue.

What to Look For in Pool Cue Parts

  • Title: What to Look For in Pool Cue Parts
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 6/6/2008 11:36:00 PM

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