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What to Look for in a Quality Pool Table

What to Look for in a Quality Pool Table

What to Look for in a Quality Pool Table

  1. Pockets - Brunswick tables feature a wide variety of pockets, ranging from the super heavy metal corner casting of the Gold Crown III to the handsome, hand-tooled leather signature pockets of the Marquis.
  2. Slate Bed - All slate selected by Brunswick is chosen for purity and hardness and is diamond honed and precision machined and leveled within 10/1000 of an inch.
  3. Base Frame - A solid base frame is absolutely essential for a great playing table. Brunswick has long been the master of superior base frame engineering.
  4. Sights - Inlaid sights have been designed with a maximum tolerance to within 30/1000 of an inch for accurate play.
  5. Finish - Brunswick finishes have always been known for excellence, and today's tables continue that fine tradition. Brunswick finishes are developed with careful attention to hardness, durability, and consistency of color.
  6. Rails - All Brunswick wood tables have solid hardwood rails that are supported by and bolted through the slate for maximum rigidity.
  7. Cushions - Brunswick's Superspeed cushions have served as the standard in the industry since the turn of the century.
  8. Floating Nut Plate - Perhaps one of the most crucial differences between Brunswick tables and other tables is a little part called the "floating nut plate." This metal part anchors the rail to the slate bed and provides more torque and minimizes vibration far more than any other type of construction used today.

If you keep your mind on the topics above, you'll be more likely to pick out a quality billiard table that will last you for many years.

What to Look for in a Quality Pool Table

  • Title: What to Look for in a Quality Pool Table
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 11/9/2008 10:02:00 AM

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