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Suggested Guidelines For Snooker Cues

Suggested Guidelines For Snooker Cues

Here are some guidelines you can use to evaluate snooker cues.

  • 10mm tips are the international standard and 11mm could be offered as an alternative. These smaller tip sizes allow the players to finesse the lighter and smaller balls.
  • Most snooker players prefer the soft Elk Master tips. These tips allow for better cue ball control due to the leather being softer.
  • European players seem to be using more ash cues. These cues have a traditional look & feel.
  • Some players prefer the hit of the trophy & glider joints. (These joints allow for a smoother transfer of energy between the butt and joint.)
  • 16 to 18 ounces are the normal weight range for a snooker cue.

These are just a few characteristics to get you started in picking out a snooker cue.

Suggested Guidelines For Snooker Cues

  • Title: Suggested Guidelines For Snooker Cues
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 6/7/2008 9:01:00 AM

Suggested Guidelines For Snooker Cues Comments

  1. cullowheedawgcullowheedawg from Cullowhee, NC on 1/17/2013 8:18:04 PM

    I have played snooker a good deal in the past and was pretty good but always used a regular pool cue (with a snooker cue length) from 18 oz to 22 oz with a 13 mm tip. I have wondered about changing to the smaller pool cue tip, but I did not like them the last time I tried one (which was maybe 30 years ago).

    Do you sell snooker sticks or maybe a shaft that I could put on my own pool cue stick?

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