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Protecting Pool Table Cloth

Here are seven tips for protecting pool table felt. Following these precautions will help in ensuring that you are properly caring for your pool table cloth and keeping your billiard cloth in good shape.

Protecting Pool Table Cloth

Follow these guidelines for maintaining pool table cloth and you'll ensure that your pool table felt stays in good shape. Mostly they are tips on things to avoid, which are common causes of damage to pool table cloth.

  1. When you toss a coin on the pool table, the sharp edge half-cuts the fine threads in the billiard cloth. You can't see the damage, but it's there.
  2. Don't smoke over the pool table cloth. The hot ashes may burn a hole in the cloth.
  3. Never attempt four- or five-cushion shots if you can make it a simpler way. Plan shots with brain, not brawn. Hammering the ball against the rail with great force does not improve the rail's accuracy, and shooting very hard and fast shots can create much friction which will "burn" the pool table cloth, degrading it over time.
  4. If you throw your cue stick on the pool table when the game is over, the heavy end "nicks" the pool table cloth, causing wear and damage over time.
  5. Don't chalk your pool cue over the pool table felt. The chalk dust sifts through the cloth over time, and too much of it spoils the perfect level of a pool table.
  6. Hitting the cue ball too far below center on a draw shot does not make the shot and may tear the pool table cloth. Willie Hoppe says "a little below center is enough".
  7. Play the "gentleman's game" like a gentleman, as if the balls, the cue, and the table were your own. All the champions do.

If you practice these good habits, and avoid the bad habits, you'll prolong the life of the pool table felt and make the billiard cloth last as long as possible.

This list of bad habits which can damage pool table felt were, at one time, included in the package insert with a new order of Simonis pool table cloth, and are shared here with some editorial adjustments.

Pool Table Felt Care Tips from Simonis

Protecting Pool Table Cloth

  • Title: Protecting Pool Table Cloth
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 3/26/2017 8:58:56 AM
  • Last Updated: 3/26/2017 9:21:17 AM
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