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Home Billiard Table Accessories

Home Billiard Table Accessories

Table accessories are those items needed in addition to the table itself.

Pool balls are 21/4" diameter and come in sets of 15 plus the white cue ball. Balls are available in several grades and the more expensive balls do last longer. A rack is used to corral the balls into a tight grouping called a rack. Racks are available for 15 balls and for 9 balls. Liquid cleaners for balls are also necessary to remove chalk from balls and keep the balls sparkling.

Cue stick. One can spend anything one wants on high quality cues upward to $2,500 for production cues. A player usually has his own special cues and rarely lets others use them. For starters, "house cues" are used by visitors and family members. These sticks are usually very low end one piece sticks. House cues come in standard weights and an assortment is included with accessory packs. See Cue and Ball Racks, above for storage solutions. Chalk is used on the tip of the cue to achieve friction between the stick and the ball. Blue is the traditional color, but available in colors that will not show up on the pool table. cloth. Tip replacement kits are to replace worn out cue tips. Special tools for shaping the tips are used between replacement.

Bridge sticks are similar to a cue stick but has a device on the end to prop the cue stick against. Bridges are used for long or tricky shots when the player's arm is not long enough.

Table brushes are used to clean the table and are considered table accessories. Two brushes perform very different functions in cleaning the table. A long brush is used to brush the playfield of the table, while a shorter and softer brush is used to brush the rails and underneath the rails. Various liquid and spot cleaners are available for pool table cloth.

A rules book in essential for teaching family members the basics of the game. Many books and video tapes are available on playing techniques. A shelf for storing books in the billiard room keeps the information at hand.

Home Billiard Table Accessories

  • Title: Home Billiard Table Accessories
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 12/17/2008 4:04:00 PM

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