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Cue Tip Replacement for Pool Cues

Cue Tip Replacement for Pool Cues

Cue tip replacement for pool cues has been a task that was once left for professional pool cue repair shops and billiard supply retailers.

Cue Tip Replacement for Pool Cues

There are now several documented methods for do-it-yourself cue tip replacement for pool cues. This method should work well on both multi-layered pool cue tips and single layered tips.

To begin the cue tip replacement for pool cues project, you should do the diameter shape. This is best done when the new tip is not attached to the cue stick, since it will spare the cue stick much vibration on the glue weld, and will also remove the possibility of hammering the ferrule. This task is the hardest part of the job, and a bench grinder is the tool of choice for completion. This is a delicate process and takes about ten minutes. It may seem like you aren't making any progress, but you will be. Take the pool cue tip and place it between your index finger and thumb so that the end of the tip is against one finger, and the opposite end is against your thumb. This leaves you with the cue tip held length-wise between your thumb and index finger.

Use your opposite thumb to lightly apply pressure to the tip, and hold it lightly to the grind wheel. At this point, the grind wheel will cause the pool cue tip to begin spinning slightly. It will very slowly shave off the edge as it is spinning, and you'll be left with a nicely shaped circular tip. Periodically check the diameter of the pool cue tip against the ferrule until you have found the correct size. It is beneficial to leave the tip ever so slightly bigger in diameter than the ferrule to allow for final shaping.

The next step in cue tip replacement for pool cues is to rough up the bottom of the pool cue tip. This will provide a better surface for the glue to adhere to. Use a small strip of masking tape to keep the ferrule clean. Apply some Barge glue to the cue tip and allow it to set-up for the instructed time. Next, you can join the two parts together, holding them in place with something like elastic rubber bands. You can also you a tip protector which is partially unscrewed.

Place the elastic band between the protector and the pool cue shaft at one end, and string it over the tip at the other. Let this cure overnight to ensure a completely solid and reliable bond. This will ensure a successful cue tip replacement for your pool cue.

With the masking tape still wrapped around the ferrule, it is now time to file the tip. sandpaper attached to a stick is preferable to a metalic file. Create one sander with 100 grit paper, and another sander with 225 grit paper. Visually inspect the pool cue tip and determine whether or not any sanding is necessary to bring it flush with the ferrule. You can use a rolling technique to ensure that your sanding is consistent. Lay the cue down on a flat surface and roll it.

while rolling, hold the sander to it, and you'll achieve a perfect circular shave.

The next step in cue tip replacement for pool cues is to properly shape your pool cue tip. Although the type of tip shapers that you insert your cue in to tip first and rotate it back and forth are quite slow, they are an excellent tool for a final tip shaping touch up. For a faster method, you can buy a tool that is basically a curved piece of plastic with sandpaper affixed to it, which costs around $4. These are a very quick method for cutting the shape. Finish this step with wet fingers by wiping off any debris, and burnish with a piece of leather.

Once you have done this a few times, the entire process should take no longer than an hour and a half of your time. (Minus the time it takes for the glue to cure.) Some quality assurance checks can be done by comparing your job with those of a professional, and by making any necessary adjustments.

When planning a cue tip replacement for pool cues, you will want to take note on whether or not your ferrule claims to be stain resistant. If it is, it may also resist a solid glue bond, and would require a different, stronger type of adhesive.

Cue Tip Replacement for Pool Cues

  • Title: Cue Tip Replacement for Pool Cues
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 5/7/2008 9:28:00 PM

Cue Tip Replacement for Pool Cues Comments

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