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Billiard Table Felt Cloth Options

Billiard Table Felt Cloth Options

I wanted to start this billiard equipment article off by saying that felt is not the proper term. Unless of course you buy a $200 table from Wal-Mart that actually has felt on it. The proper generic term is cloth, since on a real billiard or snooker table, you won't find any real felt. I'm using the term here so that people searching for the term billiard table felt will find this article and will be corrected.

Billiard Table Felt Cloth Options

Billiards tables are used by many people around the world. The tables serve as a playing field for all types of billiard games. They are composed of various materials which are combined together in a very calculated way to create a good-quality table. One of the important materials used on the billiard table is the billiard table felt, which is the common name for the cloth that covers the surface of the table.

Billiard table felt can be found on the billiard table surface and inner rails. Once the wooden framing of the billiard table is smoothed out, the billiard table fabric is applied to the surface of the framing. This felt fabric provides a smooth and consistently even surface for the balls to roll across easily.

Billiard table cloth can come in a variety of materials and colors. The most common color used for billiard table cloth is green. Other common colors include blue and sometimes purple. Some people like to customize their billiard tables by changing the table’s cloth. Many people choose to customize the billiard tale table cloth to match the room the table will be placed in.

Billiard table felt can be purchased from various brands that supply an array of colors to choose from. An example of a manufacturer is Mali & Co., which has been manufacturing and distributing billiard table felt since 1826. Their felt is typically made up of nylon and wool (75 percent).

Anothe are interested in changing your billiard table felt or just want to explore your options, you can find a huge selection over the Internet from various suppliers.

Billiard Table Felt Cloth Options

  • Title: Billiard Table Felt Cloth Options
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 12/1/2008 9:30:00 PM

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