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Billiard Break Cues

Billiard Break Cues

A good solid opening break can set the tone for the entire game, and thus, a billiard break cue should be considered. Because of the importance of this one shot, many players both amateur and professional, use a different billiard break cue for the break shot than they use for regular shots.

Billiard Break Cues

Billiard break cues generally come in two to three pieces, and have a cue tip with a less pronounced taper to decrease deflection. At one time the preferred billiard break cue was a cue that was extremely heavy and bulky. With today's technology though, players can enjoy billiard break cues that are as light as their regular playing cue without sacrificing quality.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the cue tips on billiard break cues have a tendency to be flatter than normal. Again, this is to help prevent unwanted deflection, and to provide a larger area of contact between the tip and the cue ball. Both of these benefits will result in a more solid and clean hit. Also, billiard break cues generally have less flexibility or "flexion" in their shafts.

Billiard break cues typically have a cue tip with a width greater than or equal to 13mm. Most breaking cues have either a hardened leather tip or a phenolic tip. Additionally, a shorter ferrule is often preferred as they swear it allows them to produce a harder hit. This remains to be proven, but understand that a lot of players feel this way. (So it must be true?)

While billiard break cues are becoming more popular, they are often regarded as a luxury item that is more or less unnecessary. Other players claim that they can break just as good with their regular playing cue, and complain of having to "get used to" several cues as opposed to just one. At online pool and billiards shops, this item is generally regarded as an "accessory" and not a necessity.

As mentioned, some players love billiard break cues, and some do not. Some appreciate a cue which is specifically designed to produce a better break shot.

Billiard Break Cues

  • Title: Billiard Break Cues
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 7/20/2007 3:35:17 PM

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