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Benefits of a Break Cue

Benefits of a Break Cue

In this article we discuss the various benefits of a break cue and how they can affect your opening break shot.

Benefits of a Break Cue

If you have the financial means, the benefits of a break cue can be well worth the investment.

The most obvious benefit of a break cue is the fact that you won't destroy the tip of your playing cue by hammering it in to the cue ball.

After a few months of solid play time, a normal cue's tip can become misshapen and unaligned from the constant abuse it takes from break shots. Using a regular playing cue to perform break shots can cause the cue's tip to flatten out and take on a "mushroom" shape. Also, because of the power used for break shots, a lot of stress is concentrated in the joint and shaft during contact. This concentrated power will lead to broken or loose cue parts. Owning a break cue can extend the life of your playing cue indefinitely.

One may also want a decent cue designed for break shots that they can transport around to various pool venues and use in place of inadequate house cues. If you always break with the same cue, you'll undoubtedly improve the accuracy and the success rate of your break shots.

Additionally, by having a second, separate break cue, you'll benefit from being able to choose a style that is more accommodating to break shots, but that would not be appropriate for a regular playing cue. When breaking, it is beneficial to have a larger, flatter cue tip. This increases the area of contact, and decreases the chances of a miscue on the break shot.

Though these are just a few benefits of a break cue, they are all benefits that make the additional investment a worthwhile one for pool playing enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Benefits of a Break Cue

  • Title: Benefits of a Break Cue
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 8/12/2007 12:34:27 PM

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