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What is a Good Billiard Ball Set for Home Use?

What is a Good Billiard Ball Set for Home Use?

What is a good billiard ball set for home use? Aramith, Vigma, Elephant billiard balls ect. - you get the idea.

I am looking for a good novelty ball set.

What is a Good Billiard Ball Set for Home Use?

Replies & Comments

  1. RubberDuckMitch Alsup on 10/31/2012 9:07:28 PM

    Absolutely the best: Aramith Tournament Balls (Duramith) Second best: Aramith Spuer Pro or Brunswick Centinnials Below this: I have no desire to even know.

    note: all of the above balls are made by Saluc in the same factory. The Duramith and Centineals have very similar markings.

  2. RubberDuckZeke on 11/2/2012 5:59:51 PM

    I always thought the Brunswick Centennials were decent balls.

    I don't own a set yet - but Christmas is only 53 days away ;-)

  3. RubberDuckMitch Alsup on 11/2/2012 10:46:28 PM

    Brunswick Centinnials are good balls, their only misgiving is that the Arimith Tournament balls have eclipsed them. That is, Centinnials are equal to SuperPros, and both of those ball sets are not quite as good as (but close to) Tournaments. All are made by saluc.

  4. RubberDuckRubberDuck on 11/3/2012 5:43:17 AM

    Ok Thanks guys but I am not looking for standard balls I am looking for a novelty set of balls like aramith stone balls or marble balls something like that Thanks

  5. RubberDuckMitch Alsup on 11/3/2012 2:03:59 PM

    While I have not played with the novelty balls, I strongly suspect that they will play as good as the more traditional styles. So basicaly, stick with Saluc balls and you will be fine.

  6. RubberDuckZeke on 11/4/2012 8:56:38 AM

    Mitch, Being the perpetual cynic, I never thought much about the tables, balls or racks as touted on TV tournaments - or for that matter, ANY tournament!

    The reason? The marketing effort of these "names" is so obvious - frequently at the expense of less aggressive - but superior manufacturer's wares, it turns me off.

    To get your brand on a nationally televised tournament costs a fortune! Much of the prize money and endorsements that money comes from, is 90% Madison Avenue.

    Unfortunately, the tables and gear we see on TV are NOT the best, merely the ones with biggest advertising budgets !

    This is NOT to say these tables and gear are not among the best, but guess who's paying for that cost?

    You and me. I'd prefer to pay for the equipment - WITHOUT the obscene marketing budget added in.

  7. RubberDuckMitch Alsup on 11/4/2012 10:30:31 AM

    Ok, Zeke; which balls do you think are the best pool balls in the whole wide world? Where best means: perfectly round, identical diameters, identical weights, center of mass is at the diametrical center, durrable, and play well.

  8. RubberDuckZeke on 11/4/2012 7:33:38 PM

    I still like your suggestion Mitch; Brunswick Centennials for balls. I've never played with better. Equal, but never better.

    But the best of anything Mitch, is not necessarily the one that advertises most.

    Doubt what I'm saying? Look at the political rants on TV. Is the guy who spends the most the best candidate?

    Hardly ;-(

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What is a Good Billiard Ball Set for Home Use?

  • Title: What is a Good Billiard Ball Set for Home Use?
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  • Published: 10/31/2012 5:18:39 PM