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Cleaning Yellowed Centennial Balls

Cleaning Yellowed Centennial Balls

I just bought a heavily discounted set of Brunswick Centennial balls because they had yellowed a great deal.

Any advice on what to use to restore the yellow billiard balls back to white?

The store owner said they tried the Aramith ball cleaner to no avail.

I messed around with the cue ball yesterday trying Lysol wipes, bleach, CLR, and a magic eraser. Lysol wipes worked best and maybe made it 20% whiter.

What would you recommend? Or what should I not use? Do certain chemicals damage the integrity of the balls?

Cleaning Yellowed Centennial Balls

Replies & Comments

  1. TovinoThomasbilliardsforum on 4/25/2019 4:26:15 AM

    You should use the Aramith product mentioned in the answer to this question:

    It's not the Aramith cleaner, it's different.

    It's the "Aramith Billiard Ball Restorer" (you can get it on amazon.com)

    It's a "restorer" specifically formulated for phenolic resin, which is the exact material from which those Brunswick Centennial pool balls are made.

    It's what I would try if I was trying to whiten a yellowed set of Brunswick Centennial billiard balls. Since you've already tried the usual DIY products, this product is your logical next step and is well worth a try I would say.

  2. TovinoThomasTovinoThomas on 4/25/2019 11:43:10 AM

    My issue has been solved!

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Cleaning Yellowed Centennial Balls

  • Title: Cleaning Yellowed Centennial Balls
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  • Published: 4/25/2019 12:32:31 AM
  • Last Updated: 4/25/2019 2:14:08 PM
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