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Bludworth Ball Cleaner

Bludworth Ball Cleaner

The Original Bludworth Ball Cleaner is now being manufactured in PA. If you are a pool hall in the PA/NJ area, get in touch with us. If you are close enough we will bring one over to demonstrate for you.

Visit our new website: www.BludworthBallCleaner.com or call us at 1-800-269-9560


Bludworth Ball Cleaner

Replies & Comments

  1. BludworthBallCleanerZeke on 6/19/2013 6:43:06 AM

    At $500+ a pop, that thing should dance with a "happy ending."

    I use a mild solution of warm water, TSP and a little Dawn dish detergent. Takes about 10 minutes. Five minute soak in a big coffee can, wash each ball with a wash cloth and rinse off and dry. 10 minutes. Done.

    I dry 'em, wax 'em with Nu-Finish car wax (which BTW is NOT a wax) and play for 2-4 months until they get ugly again.

  2. BludworthBallCleanerBludworthBallCleaner on 6/19/2013 7:34:25 AM

    Hi Zeke,

    For home use, yes this would be a high ticket item. Our usual customers are billiard halls, bars, game rooms, etc.

    I'm also an owner of a billiard room (Markley Billiards - www.MarkleyBilliards.com) and we couldn't live without a ball cleaner. We have 13 tables and the balls are cleaned after every use.

    Thanks, Michelle Urffer Bludworth Ball Cleaner Markley Billiards

  3. BludworthBallCleanerZeke on 6/21/2013 6:28:14 AM

    Thanks for the clarification! The machine would pay for itself in that application.

    Unless you find someone willing to work for $4.00/hr. ;)

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Bludworth Ball Cleaner

  • Title: Bludworth Ball Cleaner
  • Author: (Michelle Urffer)
  • Published: 6/18/2013 7:49:12 PM