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"The Perfect Rack" Billiard Rack

"The Perfect Rack" Billiard Rack

I invented the Perfect Rack when I was playing in a local tournament. I got tired of waiting for the triangle to be placed correctly. There were always arguments about the break because the balls were off center or not placed correctly. The games were lasting so long because of the arguments and the time setting the balls. I started thinking there has to be a way to make for sure the balls are racked correctly every time.

So after a year I came up with the idea of the Perfect Rack. It is light weight, almost indestructible, and inexpensive. It speeds up the games, stops arguments and makes great gifts. It is being used by Weber State College and many colleges across the nation.

I introduced the Perfect Rack at the BCA Expo, June 2007. At the show I met Tom Rossman (Dr Cue) and he liked the Perfect Rack so much that he is in the process of incorporating it into an exciting new trick shot. Alison Fisher (Duchess of Doom) and Mike Massey (known for his trick shots) both own a Perfect Rack. Viking Tour is using the Perfect Rack and it is on their site.

The people who seen the Perfect Rack at the BCA Expo are very excited about it. Mueller Recreational Products and Ozone Billiards are now selling the Perfect Rack. It is in numerous stores across the nation.

There are three benefits you will get from using The Perfect Rack:

  1. Fair Play: No Arguments about ball placement on break
  2. Quick and Accurate Set: No eyeballing to find a dot or placement
  3. Consistent Rack: Eliminates the unfair advantage, and provides an accurate perfect rack that is fair for everyone

Contact Info:

  • Website: myperfectrack.com
  • Phone: (877) 897-1014
  • Email: contact@myperfectrack.com

If you are interested in getting more information on the Perfect Rack you can visit the website (myperfectrack.com) or call me.


P.S., The Perfect Rack is also a sponsor of the 2007 Viking Tour.

Layton, Utah
July 1, 2007

Weese Billiards and The Perfect Rack are pleased to announce their involvement and participation as a sponsor of the 2007 Viking Tour. As one of the leading North American 9 Ball Tours, The Perfect Rack fits right into the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour's passion, dedication and accuracy for all levels of players.

Perfect Rack owner and inventor, Terry Weese, is extremely proud and excited that he has the opportunity to join the Viking Tour as a sponsor and to have The Perfect Rack be used exclusively to officially set the balls for the tournament. The Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour continues to be one of the most popular pool tours for both amateur and open pool players. We are extremely excited about this partnership.

With 91 planned tour stops in 2007 and 141 in 2008, the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour has planned events in such major markets as Atlanta, Chicago, Charleston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati and Knoxville. The season is planned to wrap with the annual $25,000 National Championship.

The Perfect Rack will be available at the Viking Tour events in a variety of sizes and colors, and will be made available for attendees to try before purchasing.

Terry Weese
(801) 668-7355

L. T. Weese
(801) 645-1919

"The Perfect Rack" Billiard Rack

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"The Perfect Rack" Billiard Rack

  • Title: "The Perfect Rack" Billiard Rack
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  • Published: 8/15/2007 1:12:50 PM
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