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Difference Between Snooker and Billiard

Difference Between Snooker and Billiard

hi, dont tease me, iam a beginner in world of billiard. i have a doubt, is there any difference between snooker and pool table. can i play both game in one table or these games are playing in different table.
while i was checking these sites(gabrielsbilliards.com, interpoolme.com, sambilliards.com) my doubt increases because they showing different tables.

kindly please advice me.....

sorry i dont know were to ask this question in this site. please send this question to consigned forum. thanks

Difference Between Snooker and Billiard

Replies & Comments

  1. Uncle Sammltnr290 on 8/12/2016 1:31:46 PM

    Yes, there are quite a few differences. A snooker table is bigger than a pool table ( if I remember right, a snooker table is 12 x 6 ft. ) and the balls are smaller. Also the pockets are smaller and tighter. Snooker is a very hard game so I would recommend waiting until your pool game gets pretty good before trying it.

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Difference Between Snooker and Billiard

  • Title: Difference Between Snooker and Billiard
  • Author: (Najam S.)
  • Published: 8/11/2016 1:29:38 AM