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Scratching Question

Scratching Question

If you scratch the cue ball, and get in your opponent's ball (solid or stripe, the one opposing yours), is that ball still taken out along with the cue ball, like if you were to hit your own ball?

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Scratching Question

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  1. Cuebilliardsforum on 4/8/2007 5:05:35 PM

    Thanks for the question.

    Scratching a ball is considered a foul. In 8 Ball Rules, it states:

    An object ball is considered to be "illegally pocketed" when that object ball is pocketed on the same shot that a foul is committed...

    Per 8 Ball rules, any illegally pocketed balls are to remain pocketed, and are scored in favor of the player controlling that specific group of balls, solids or stripes. Per the General Rules of Pocket Billiards, balls are re-spotted only if the rules of the specific game require it. 8 Ball Rules do not require such re-spotting.

    Hope this helps, and hope to see you as a regular in the forum. Registering will also get you email notification of replies to your billiard posts.

  2. CueCue on 4/8/2007 5:55:15 PM

    Thanks, you can lock the thread, thanks again for your answer.

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Scratching Question

  • Title: Scratching Question
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  • Published: 4/8/2007 4:44:08 PM