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Pool Rules Preventing Defensive Shots in 8-Ball

Pool Rules Preventing Defensive Shots in 8-Ball

Two questions for all billiard players and pool hall owners about the rules around defensive shots...

  1. In playing straight 8 ball, call pocket: How do you keep a opposing player from not shooting a defensive shot? In a league that I am currently in, no defensive shots are allowed (no dirty pool). The rules states you must make a attempt on your object ball, and that failure to do so is a write up. If you get three write-ups then you are off the team.
  2. How can the league force a player to make an honest shot at his/her ball. If they don't, wouldn't it be ball in hand for the other player? Or would you leave the ball where it lays or the cue ball is placed behind the head string? Or is it lost of game for not shooting his/her object ball? Or do you re-rack the entire game?

I need answers on this, so if someone is out there with a good rule for failure to hit your object ball would result in what?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Pool Rules Preventing Defensive Shots in 8-Ball

Replies & Comments

  1. 1955REGMitch Alsup on 3/29/2009 6:53:57 PM

    in BCA, APA, UPA; defensive shots are perfetly legal. The shot requirements remain the same. You must use a legal stroke, you must hit a legal ball first, and at least one ball must touch a rail after contact. If such a shot is pulled off, there is no foul. Fail any of the requirements and it IS BIH.

    Are you talking about defensive play that does not meet these 3 requirements? {stroke, contact, rail}

  2. 1955REG1955REG on 3/29/2009 7:31:23 PM

    No. My questions is how do you penalize he/she if they shoot a defensive shot, safety shot or play dirty pool shot. When there are no defensive shots in a 8 ball call pocket league. That does not allow these shots. I do know the APA rules. This league is not a part of the APA BCA or UPA.

  3. 1955REGJustanotherevolutionary on 4/4/2009 2:18:58 PM

    Find a new league, that should take care of the problem.

  4. 1955REGFenwick on 4/4/2009 5:02:57 PM

    What does it say in your leagues rule book? There is a group of men who range in age from their early 70' to one man in his early 90's who still come in once a week. They play the same way the grew up playing in the 40's when not going for a ball is as you say was dirty pool. They play ball in hand.

    Today, a failure to hit your ball first is ball in hand foul. Failure to try to hit your ball is the same. Ball in hand for the opponent. It is the same answer Mitch gave you.

    After re-reading your questions, maybe you are asking if there is no way possible to make your ball and all you do is hit it lightly, then how should you penalize the player?

    I don't think there should be a penalty involved if you hit your ball trying to move it for a open shot your next turn at the table and leave the other person without a shot in the process. If your ball is next to the 8 ball and if you tried make it the result would be loss of game what would you have the player do? Take it a step further. I try making my ball and know if I miss I will have a shot on another of my balls but you will be hooked and have no shot at yours. That sounds like smart playing IMO. I'd be out of the league after the first night based on those "write-up" rules you mentioned.

  5. 1955REGquickshot on 4/5/2009 10:32:54 AM

    Defense is not dirty pool. It is smart pool. And there is no penalty call for playing defense. I suggest you find a more legitmate league to play in, preferrably one that plays by the standard rules which are laid down to prevent just such situations that you desribe. If you are being dictated to by a group that has its own rules then do not look for help from leagues that are World Standardized.

    But have fun anyway.

  6. 1955REGguest on 8/17/2013 10:56:11 AM

    There are some bars locally that view defensive shots as dirty or "N" pool. They frown on shots that are designed to tie up opponents instead of running out and making pockets. The penalty in most cases is an ass chewing, disqualification from the tournament or even being kicked out of the bar (or worse). The Hypocrisy of places like this is:

    1. A person will shoot a ball and just miss the pocket claiming they "almost made it" when in fact the plan was to leave the cue ball in a difficult position.
    2. A player will intentionally scratch ensuring their opponent must shoot behind the head string (kitchen) and only at balls not in the "kitchen". This is especially effective if their opponent is shooting the 8 ball increasing the potential of a scratch on the "8".
    3. A player will often shoot their target ball to carom off their opponent's ball and instead of making their own, they will place their opponent's in a bad position. Then they claim to have been trying to pocket a ball.

    These are all defensive shots and encourage players to misrepresent their intentions (lie). International billiard rules respect defensive shots and professional pool players use them. Why shouldn't we be able to? Find another league.

  7. 1955REGMitch Alsup on 8/17/2013 1:11:16 PM

    The way around these is to learn how to shoot 2-way shots. You make an honest attempt at making a legal ball, and then positioning the CB at such a point that the opponent has no shot if you miss, but you have a shot if it happens to go in.

    But proper leagues should be playing Ball in Hand anywhere on the table. This kills the scratch strategy when opponents ball(s) are in the kitchen.

  8. 1955REGgibson on 9/9/2013 8:08:55 AM

    I agree that I would be out of the league in one night too. Some bar rules also do not allow defensive shots.

    I will say this, that many a dollar has been lost by lights out shooters at this game, because they could not control the cue ball or their aggression when faced by a strategic player. There is an art to blocking pockets and tying up the 8 ball at the end of the game.

    It is no coincidence that good one pocket players are also winning 8 ball players.

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Pool Rules Preventing Defensive Shots in 8-Ball

  • Title: Pool Rules Preventing Defensive Shots in 8-Ball
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  • Published: 3/29/2009 6:46:48 PM