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Playing "No Slop", 8-ball Kisses Opponent's Ball Before Dropping

Playing "No Slop", 8-ball Kisses Opponent's Ball Before Dropping

Playing no slop eight ball, the opponents ball was in the pocket with room to slide in the eight. We played the eight calling it off the opponents ball.as we knew both would go in. It was difficult to follow but the two balls seemed to double kiss (or maybe even triple kiss) as they went down the pocket at the same time. Who won?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Playing "No Slop", 8-ball Kisses Opponent's Ball Before Dropping

Replies & Comments

  1. user1570990771billiardsforum on 10/15/2019 1:10:28 PM

    If I understand the scenario correctly, the shooting player won the game.

    The 8 ball was pocketed in the called pocket and it doesn't sound like any of the following infractions were committed:

    3.8 Losing the Rack

    The shooter loses if he:

    1. pockets the eight ball and fouls (you didn't indicate that any fouls had occurred in your question)
    2. pockets the eight ball before his group is cleared;
    3. pockets the eight ball in an uncalled pocket; or
    4. drives the eight ball off the table.

    In "standard call shot" 8-ball, the player need only call the ball and the pocket, thus, the call shot requirement, I assume, was met in your case.

    One caveat to the above answer:

    There are many degrees of "no slop" - the details of which you would have had to work out prior to playing. If you had determined that not calling all kisses/caroms would constitute a foul, then the shooting player would have lost the game in this case.

  2. user1570990771user1570990771 on 10/15/2019 3:00:48 PM

    I agree, we won!

    The one person who was pushing this (and really not being a jerk at all) concluded by saying he believed the 8 ball had to be made "clean". I'm really not sure what he meant. It went no further as I simply said we called it off of their ball. That was the end of the discussion.

    By the way, I am 5'2" so I don't think I scared him.

    As you say there are many degrees of "no slop", indeed you could think of it along a spectrum where on the really crazy end you would need to indicate which side of the ball (in a combination shot) would have to make contact with the object ball. Basically call everything. Really crazy. On the more reasonable end of the spectrum you, for example, need not call short rails (i.e., "standard call shot").

    Given that it was totally obvious that both balls would go in and that the eight ball hit their ball before going in (as called), his point that more detail was necessary seems petty and a tad closer to the "crazy" end.

    House rules at the bar are "standard call shot 8 ball" last pocket, but since they had the pool table we said we would play straight 8 call shot as they were. That's all that was said about rules and I think that is the key here as you say.

    From a common sense perspective, in the first place it would seem the purpose of calling banks, kisses, etc. is to prevent getting beat by some lucky person who really isn't as good as you are.

    I grew up in a resort bar with about six or seven pool tables where we played last pocket full-on slop! You need only hit your ball first and make one of your balls anywhere. As a pre-teen we readily switched to their game if anyone complained about our luck.

    In this case anyone could have made the shot I am asking about, so luck is not the issue. But on the other hand maybe they thought they had the pocket effectively blocked and we should have been forced to bank the eight? They didn't say that though.

    At any rate this was something new and I thought interesting.

    Thanks much. This was my first question here, and I can say that this is a very cool website!

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Playing "No Slop", 8-ball Kisses Opponent's Ball Before Dropping

  • Title: Playing "No Slop", 8-ball Kisses Opponent's Ball Before Dropping
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  • Published: 10/13/2019 11:19:32 AM
  • Last Updated: 10/15/2019 1:14:27 PM
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