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Hitting the 8 ball

Hitting the 8 ball

We are playing under no-slop rules. What's the call?

Player 1 has a shot at the 8 ball, he calls the corner pocket. His shot goes off player two's ball but still in the original pocket he called. Is it a win for player one? Or is there a penalty for not calling it hitting player two's ball since it was no-slop rules

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Hitting the 8 ball

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  1. LandonJackson15Zeke on 12/24/2015 1:07:04 PM

    Unless the "no slop" rules are written for all to see BEFORE play begins, they are essentially word of mouth rules deployed - on the fly...

    The scenario described above would not fall under some vague rules about "slop." There are 8-ball rules for combination shots off opponent's ball and you can find them in two places.

    One, under the general rule of pool - and then under the specific rules - that make 8-ball - 8-ball.

    Take a look above in the green drop down box. Look under general rules - then, specific rules.

    Here's the appropriate rule:

    "Playing the 8 ball

    When the 8-ball is the legal object ball, a scratch or foul is not loss of game if the 8-ball is not pocketed or jumped from the table. Incoming player has cue ball in hand. Note: A combination shot can never be used to legally pocket the 8-ball, except when the 8-ball is the first ball contacted in the shot sequence."

  2. LandonJackson15guest on 1/4/2016 10:00:21 AM

    There is no such thing as "no slop" rules. Those are made up rules that are played in basements and bars but are not official or written down by any organization that runs national leagues or tournaments. As such they are "unofficial" and vary across the world, even between bars and houses, thus they are not good rules to play by. It is best to find an official set of rules, print them out, and make sure everyone playing understands them.

    All that needs to be called on a shot is what ball you intend to make and what pocket that ball is intended to go into. This is the case in all rules that require calling shots (BCA, WPA, BCAPL, VNEA, NAPA and more).

    If you want to learn more, google "BCAPL Rules." They are in my opinion the very best rules in existence for the game of American 8-Ball.

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Hitting the 8 ball

  • Title: Hitting the 8 ball
  • Author: (Landon Jackson)
  • Published: 12/23/2015 11:28:27 PM