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Foul Snooker in UK/International Eightball

Foul Snooker in UK/International Eightball

There is a long-running dilemma in our friendship group about a situation that played out playing 8-ball in a pub.

The situation was as follows:

  1. I foul snookered someone (not knowing about this rule at the time).
  2. After reading up about the rules, I accepted the decision.
  3. The other player then played his first shot not hitting any other balls.
  4. I said that was a foul shot (due to not hitting either the nominated ball or one of his balls)
  5. The other players disagreed.

Can anyone clarify the rule here?

Does a foul snooker allow you to play a free shot to get around the other ball?

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Foul Snooker in UK/International Eightball

Replies & Comments

  1. markk0RayMills on 7/6/2022 11:09:41 PM

    What is a "foul snooker" and in what country are you playing?

  2. markk0markk0 on 7/7/2022 1:35:46 AM

    I'm playing in Australia.

    This basically sums up a "foul snooker"

    Foul Snooker

    1. Definition: When an opponent plays a foul shot and this results in the incoming player being snookered, the incoming player is deemed to be Foul Snookered.
    2. If a player believes that a Foul Snooker exists, the player may ask the referee for a ruling.
    3. If the referee rules that a foul snooker exists, the player initially has the following options:-
      • (a) Play the Cue Ball from where it lies. (see (4) (a) below) OR
      • (b) Ask the referee to remove the Cue Ball so as to allow the player to play from Baulk. {see (4) (b) below}
      • (a) (i) If the player chooses to play the Cue Ball from where it lies, the player may, if the player wishes, nominate the Eight Ball (but see (5) below) or any one of the opponent’s Colour. The player can nominate a particular ball by verbal description of it or its position or by pointing at it. The Referee may ask for further information if any doubt exists as to which ball has been nominated. (ii) Once nominated, a ball is deemed to “become one” of the player’s Colour for the first shot of the first visit. The player may then play any of the player’s own Colour or the nominated ball. If any of the player’s Colour and/or the nominated ball is potted, the player continues with the first visit.
      • (b) If the player chooses to play the Cue Ball from Baulk, a Foul Snooker may no longer exist. In this case the procedure under the heading (E) Playing from Baulk (2) (d) & (2) (e) should be followed. If the referee decides that a Foul Snooker does still exist, the player may nominate a ball and follow the procedure in (4) (a) above.

    Source: 8ballumpire.com.au/foul-snooker/

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Foul Snooker in UK/International Eightball

  • Title: Foul Snooker in UK/International Eightball
  • Author: (Mark Warren)
  • Published: 7/6/2022 7:16:55 PM
  • Last Updated: 8/23/2022 4:45:48 AM
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