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Double Elimination Bracket 8 Ball

Double Elimination Bracket 8 Ball

is it possible in a 16 man tournament double elimination for the same player to knock you out in the first round and to knock you out before the money? Or do the brackets have to get filled in wrong for this to happen? from what I understand about brackets you should never have to play the same person twice till your in the money am I correct or totally wrong? Thank you for your answer or pointing me in the correct direction to figure it out

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Double Elimination Bracket 8 Ball

Replies & Comments

  1. Brad89Brad89 on 3/23/2015 4:04:34 PM

    It paid top 4

  2. Brad89guest on 3/23/2015 4:13:07 PM

    If you lose in the first round and the brackets are filled out properly, the only possible time to play that person again is in the finals of the loser's side (two players left on the loser's side, winner plays in finals). So if you lost that match, you should get 3rd place. If you played him before that, then the person filling out the bracket was probably plucking the losers from the same half of the bracket instead of the opposite.

    Keep in mind that the way I'm describing in just the customary way it's done, in your average bar tournament, the rules for filling out the bracket are whatever the person running the tournament says they are.

  3. Brad89Zeke on 3/24/2015 6:47:03 AM

    ...provided they were written down and agreed to PRIOR to taking your entry fees!

  4. Brad89Brad89 on 3/24/2015 10:33:45 AM

    the person running it said "everything was done correctly". I told them this looks wrong and they told me to prove it so here I am. The only person he seems to believe would be Q sports international owner Mark Griffin explaining how brackets get filled out. also tells me he's never heard of this form before so what's the most recognised forum for billiards questions?

  5. Brad89Zeke on 3/26/2015 7:25:06 AM

    If he stated, "Everything was done correctly." Have him show you written rules that confirm HIS contentions - and calculations!

    Lacking them - you should find written instructions on a number of websites that explain exactly how an 8-ball, double elimination, 16-man tournament must be scored. Many organizations claim jurisdiction as to how these competitions must be structured. Ask him which rules he based his scoring on and read them yourself.

    If he can't cite a body of rules the competition was based upon, he made up his own rules and that's something that must not be allowed or tolerated.

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Double Elimination Bracket 8 Ball

  • Title: Double Elimination Bracket 8 Ball
  • Author:
  • Published: 3/23/2015 1:00:46 PM