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Calling Fouls in 8 Ball like the Boy Who Cried Wolf

Calling Fouls in 8 Ball like the Boy Who Cried Wolf

I play 8 Ball with a local association which abides by World Rules. 

I have come across an opponent whose strategy appears to involve calling a foul while you are mid shot. (Either in the process of lining up the shot or in the backstroke of making contact with the CB.)

I'm assuming that this is strategy on his part because he has does it several times every time we meet him in our league, against every player in our 4 person team & 90% of the time it is absolutely NO WHERE NEAR being a foul?

I can only conclude that this is a mind game thing for him to try and get inside our heads due to the following:

  • As I mentioned, the shots he calls "Foul" on are predominantly, not even remotely near being actual fouls...
  • He does it in 75% of the games he plays in...
  • When you ask where the foul is he usually retorts with something along the lines of "Oh it was close?" or "Well it looked like it to me"
  • He NEVER follows through with or pursues the "Foul" he has called... 
  • He ALWAYS does it after he misses what I consider to be a key ball...

As I have only been playing for just over 12 months I am not as familiar with the rules as I otherwise would like to be although, as I understand it if there is no referee & there is a disputed call (ie: his frivolous "Fouls") there is to be a re-rack & the person who broke, breaks again.

Ultimately I have two questions:

  • Abiding by World Rules, is there any recourse against someone who is deliberately calling foul when it obviously isn't?
  • Once he calls a "Foul" & it absolutely IS NOT; am I within my right & the rules to call for a re-rack & start again?

I'm guessing with the latter he would soon learn his lesson but I need to know for sure, either way.

Thanks in advance.

This question relates to the following billiard rules:

Calling Fouls in 8 Ball like the Boy Who Cried Wolf

Replies & Comments

  1. guestFenwick on 2/15/2015 4:36:50 PM

    He's sharking. One suck at the pump is all he'll get from me.

    "He does it in 75% of the games he plays in." Few questions. What do his team mates do or say when he pulls this crap. What do your team mates do or say.

    It's a very child like action. Is there someone in charge? According to World Standardized Rules, you can have someone else watch the shot. You can ask what ball your opponent is playing before your ready to pull the trigger. Well before. I'd dislike doing it but I'd call him on un sportsman like conduct. He forfeits the game and if he does it again it's the match.

  2. guestZeke on 2/23/2015 10:01:29 AM

    Intentionally distracting a player while in the act of shooting - is - in and of itself - a foul. It comes under the classification of "un-sportsmen like conduct."

    I urge you to call it on him next time he tries it.

    If there is indeed a foul, the time to call it is AFTER the foul occurs, not before or during.

    However, before you can play any game, you must know the rules - all of them!

    If you look at the top of this page, you'll see a heading "billiard rules." In that section, you will see both the "general rules" and also the specific rules to whatever version of whatever it is you play listed.

    Spend a few minutes and become a rules "expert." By copying and pasting the rule that is in question, you can be authoritative and prove your point by printing the rule for all to read.

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Calling Fouls in 8 Ball like the Boy Who Cried Wolf

  • Title: Calling Fouls in 8 Ball like the Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • Author:
  • Published: 2/14/2015 5:53:35 AM