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A fair 8-ball sink?

A fair 8-ball sink?

While playing another gentleman for a whiskey last night I called the 8 in the corner but missed. However, I struck it pretty hard as I am sometimes apt to do when drinking. It rebounded off the near end of the table twice, rounded back and sank into the original pocket I had called. While I did NOT call the multiple banks, I DID call the correct pocket and sank the 8 ball with success. Much to the chagrin of my irate opponent I enforced his drink purchase and drank the whiskey with great satisfaction. Was I correct in my interpretation of the rules? It was "my table", having won the previous several games (all for whiskeys) so any unknown interpretation of the rules was also up to me as we were sans neutral official.

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A fair 8-ball sink?

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  1. Korea Jayguest on 7/20/2013 4:31:58 PM

    If you were playing by the official rules of APA, BCA, WPA, TAP, ACS or VNEA, then congratulations, you won the game.

    The only time you lose is if you are playing by the bar's house rules and they require "no slop" or a variation of called shot where every single kiss, carom and bank must be called for a shot to be legal.

    Under those crappy rules you lose, but in every single official set of rules and any sanctioned event, you win.

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A fair 8-ball sink?

  • Title: A fair 8-ball sink?
  • Author: (Jay Seuffert)
  • Published: 4/18/2012 11:38:47 PM